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When it comes to software services such as diagnostics, installations, formatting, and data recovery, you can rest easy knowing Computer Works is here for you. Contact us today for more information or to discuss your software issue.

Taking Care of All Your Software Needs

Parts not included, also includes inspection of internal fans.

PAID DIAGNOSTICS: We will diagnose and troubleshoot any operating system or software issues. The diagnostic fee will apply to further services if needed. Hourly charges of $49 will apply to Microsoft Outlook issues.

FREE DIAGNOSTICS: We will diagnose and troubleshoot any software issues (Outlook not included).  (for those who are not in rush or unsure if unit is worth repairing)
  • Windows Computers: Must have originally shipped with Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Windows XP, Vista units are not eligible for this offer).
  • Apple Computers: Must be at least 2008 model year or newer.
  • Wait Time: There is an extended wait time for this offer, up to 7 days until we can start looking at the unit. If this is unacceptable, consider a normal $49 diagnostics and/or priority service options for the fastest turnaround.
  • Results: After diagnostics, we will contact you with repair options. There are no obligations. Normal store policies apply.

VIRUS REMOVAL and TUNE-UP: Removal of viruses, spyware, and malware. Includes FREE security software for Windows and fix all common issues. Includes full tune-up as well!

TUNE-UP: We will optimize your operating system by cleaning up cookies, temp files, reducing startup programs, optimizing your power scheme and many other steps to optimize system performance.

OPERATING SYSTEM REPAIR: Repair any operating system issues.

BACKUP, FORMAT, and RESTORE: Common areas of data are backed up for all users. Hard drive is formatted, operating system is reinstalled and updated, then data is restored. For Windows: FREE security software and common programs are installed. You must fill out "Data Backup" form.

OPERATING SYSTEM REINSTALL: Hard drive is formatted. The operating system is reinstalled. For Windows: FREE security software and common programs are installed. IMPORTANT: YOUR DATA WILL NOT BE RESTORED WITH THIS SERVICE!
DATA: We will copy your data from one computer to another or backup data to external HD or flash drive. Fill out "Data Backup" form.

PASSWORD RESET: Removal of operating system password. Photocopy of proper ID required. Not available for all operating systems.

REMOTE SERVICE: Remote login to your online PC, 30-minute limit including setup time or 60-minute limit including setup time. Note: Your internet must be working for this service.

FORMAT HARD DRIVE: Quick format, extensive format (write zeros to drive), U.S. DoD (Triple Pass write to drive)

DRIVE IMAGE: We will make an exact image of your C Drive for a further restore. Please purchase or provide an external hard drive or large enough USB.

DATA RECOVERY: $39 - Attempt to recover data from failing HDD, Memory Card, USB, etc. Fee will apply to further recovery tiers if successful: $149 - Tier 1: Recovery up to 100GB (in-house), $299 - Tier 2: Recovery up to 500GB (in-house), $900 - $1500: Tier 3: Professional data recovery (3rd party), must be paid in advance.

SOFTWARE INSTALL: Any title, install and configure.

BOOT CAMP: Install the latest capable version of Windows on your Apple PC. Does not include Windows license.
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"Have been going here for several years now. They never fail to impress me. Their techs know what they're doing and now they even send you a text message when your computer is done. Fair prices and quick service."

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