Broke your lid, keyboard, screen, USB port or more?

Don't be afraid to bring it in,   and if you're not in a hurry....Diagnostics & Estimates are FREE


Have a broken laptop that no one wants to fix, or you think it may be unfixable? Maybe you feel that the cost of the laptop repair will be overwhelming. Who wants to pay $300 in repairs on a $300 laptop? (Okay, there are a few people, sometimes nostalgia wins out.) Or maybe you just have an old, rare, or obsolete laptop and want to get it running again? Our trained experts can reproduce, repair, or just create parts to make that old laptop come to life.

Parts and parts and parts. How much will that part cost? We don’t know!!! It’s a mission every time we go hunting. Basic economics states prices are based on supply and on demand. We see that prices are based on the popularity of the model and how many are available. The more rare the model, the more expensive the part. If we can get the part from the manufacturer then it typically costs at least one arm (and sometimes a couple toes).

Okay, now that you understand that. What if we just repair the broken part? Forego a new or used replacement. It doesn’t have to be FrankenLap, but sure, we can do that too. FrankenLaps and FrankenBooks make great conversation pieces and show the world that you know how to save a penny and don’t care about silly aesthetics. Go you!

Bring in your beastie and let us have a look. If it’s cost prohibitive, or just not worth fixing, we’ll let you know. We always have a few options for you to choose from and we’ll make sure that you’re not wasting your hard-earned money.

Once your laptop is on our repair bench, we’ll get started on getting your laptop fixed and properly working again. Give us a call at 248-738-8700 and we’ll discuss your laptops problems, issues, and desires.   Assuming your not in any hurry....Diagnostics and Estimates are FREE!