Notebook Hinge Repair

Due to the shear nature and design of laptop computers, broken hinges are an inevitable outcome of long-term daily use. Let Computer Works put your laptop and sanity back together again.

Most laptop casings are made of plastic and the actual hinges are often made of pot metal attached to plastic case mounts. Hinge failures are caused mostly by stress on the metal and plastic parts. This can cause cracks around where the metal hinges attach, or the metal itself breaks down or splits. When separation occurs, the hinge will no longer travel smoothly or not at all.

How can you tell if your hinges are going bad? There are many telltale signs when opening and closing the lid such as looseness, clicking or scratchy noises, and the lid may not shut correctly. Other signs are more obvious; cracked casing around the hinge area, dislocated hinges, or at worst, the lid completely detaches from the body. With the latter, of course, you can’t use your laptop in the manner it was designed or not at all.


Stresses resulting in hinge failure can be caused from simple daily use over long periods of time, blunt-force trauma such as being dropped, overly aggressive handling of the lid, manufacturing defects in the design, and long-term heat exposure from internal components causing plastic parts to become brittle. If the laptop case or lid case becomes cracked, it must be replaced since repairing plastic cracks are impractical. Broken metal hinges can be replaced with new metal hinges. With older laptops, it is often not possible to purchase new case parts. Fortunately, there are practical and economic alternatives such as used parts. Many laptop cases and hinge parts can be purchased from $20 – $50.  Another popular option is to repair with Screws, nuts & washers and sometimes even epoxy.   Of course it would not look as good as original, but will be functional

Newer laptops may still have valid warranties that cover premature hinge failure. You should always consult with your warranty provider before seeking repairs from computer repair shops. Many warranties are voided once the unit is disassembled and disassembly will be required for these types of repairs.

Computer Works can fix your laptop’s hinges. Many flat-rate options are available. It’s always best to just drop by with your laptop to get a complete estimate.