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If you need your iPhone or iPad repaired....Computer Works is here to help.    We only use the best quality parts available.   If your shopping around for the best price...that might not be us. Our pricing may be slightly higher than most other shops because:  


1.) The parts we use are the very best available.   We pay more for these parts, they are built better and have a much lower defect rate.   It is very common for those kiosks in the mall to use the cheapest parts available to increase profits.  Cheaper iPad glass is thinner than the original glass and thus will break again much easier.


2.)  On iPhones & Galaxy's....we replace the entire front assembly...which includes the glass & LCD.  Even though your LCD may be fine....we chose to do it this way because the LCD and the Glass are "fused" or clear glued together.   Many shops will just replace the broken glass...but what they don't tell you is that they have to use a Heat Gun on your phone in order to peel the broken glass out.   Then they glue a new $10 piece of glass back onto your phone.  Not only is this dangerous to the rest of your phone, but it's very difficult to make your phone look perfect again.   Not to mention the air bubbles you may see after they are done that they claim will go away soon.  



It's not worth our time or yours if you have to come back in a week with a problem and we have to do the job all over again.   We are a retail store open since 1999 so we have a good reputation to uphold


Here is our current repair price list...Note:  Prices and availability may change without notice....It's best to call ahead for any of these services.


iPhone - iPad Repair

Pricing current as of 08/23/17, but may change at any moment, Please call ahead for current pricing and availability



There are many parts and methods to fixing your phone.  One method is to just change out the broken glass for roughly $79.   This entails manual removal of the broken glass...all the while hoping not to scratch the LCD that's fused / glued to the glass. Then cleaning up all the residual glue and re-gluing the new glass to the existing LCD).  A major amount of heat is needed to remove the broken glass from your super thin and delicate LCD and frame.   The end result is rarely perfect.  Generally there are air bubbles or other indications that the just the glass was replaced.  Many shops around town do this as it is the most profitable method.   Computer Works will not perform this type of repair for obvious reasons. 

The best method is to replace the entire front assembly.  This will include new Glass (digitizer), LCD and frame.  Your camera, microphone, Home button and other sensors are transferred to this new assembly.  Your phone will look as good as new.   However…there are quality differences in replacement screens.  None of these screens are genuine Apple parts.  (Because Apple refuses to sell them to anyone)  They are all made by different manufacturers and 99% of customers will not know the difference.  Computer Works feels YOU should know the difference!

We only wish to show why someone can charge one price while someone is charging another for the same service.  These screens are classified as OEM,  Premium Aftermarket  or  Aftermarket.    And there are major quality differences in them such as:

1 - Weaker Glass - The glass used on the aftermarket or A/A- replacement screens is, in most cases, either thinner or un-tempered often both.  They break much easier

2 - LCD, Flex, &  Digitizer Cables -  An aftermarket cable running from the iPhone replacement to your iPhone motherboard can often times result in slightly slower performance, lower sensitivity to touch, all while consuming more battery.  Recently, there have been issues with IOS 11 and aftermarket screens, many people have found that the phone no longer works after the update.  This won't happen with our screens. 

3 - Aftermarket Back light - perhaps the easiest to spot as your iPhone will no longer be as bright or have a slight hue that was not there before, common hues blue and yellow.  This is another way an aftermarket screen will effect battery life and performance

4 - Weak Glue Attaching the Plastic Frame - Manufacturers will save pennies to put less glue or use inferior glue to connect the plastic frame to the LCD assembly resulting in the already fragile glass to separate from the housing.  

5 - Quality Control Tests - Another reason these screens are so inexpensive is that when a manufacturer is testing the quality of each screen, if they find minor defects (dead pixel, small dead spots on the digitizer) or they are determined by the testing equipment to be at a slightly higher risk for malfunction in the future.


OEM screens are the best option for long term use. (When Available) The 2nd best screens are "Premium Aftermarket" 
 It will have the same quality components as the original Apple screen.  We therefore can offer a 3 month warranty against any defect in the digitizer & LCD

Aftermarket or A/A- screens are a good choice for short term use, or for someone turning in their phone soon.  We have installed them in the past and they have proven to be a good option.    Please note:  Sometimes this is the ONLY option available for your model phone.  We can offer a 1 month warranty against any defect in the digitizer & LCD

Please remember, it is rare to find a shop that even offers OEM or Premium Aftermarket screens.